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Egyptian Italian Company for the manufacture of shoes accessories 2M

Egyptian joint stock company in accordance with the law 159 board chairman, Mr. / Mahmoud Fakhry Abdel-Rahman and Managing Director Mr. / Mostafa Fakhry Abdel-Rahman

And when we talk about 2M we are talking about one of the largest - that "were not the largest - a company in Egypt but in the Middle East and Africa operating company in the industrial field since more than 25 year and the trade area for more than 35 years The company produces shoe soles and production of vehicles PVC and pipes of PVC and leather manufacturing industry of all kinds and includes plant a selection of extensive experience of excellence in the field of PVC and as well as a range of modern machines in this area is the development of the factory on a regular basis and provide them with the latest machinery evolving global and is characterized by the plant diversity of Dairy Products, which covers the different needs and The company works continuously to increase production capacity to meet the growing demand for the company's products, both for the domestic market or export markets. and the company enjoys the confidence of enormous by suppliers of raw materials and manufacturers of machinery and number of machines, and also the confidence of distributors, dealers and importers of the company's products and confidence in the forefront of the Egyptian citizen "consumers" The reasons for this confidence that we hold dear to the high quality of the company's products, which dates back to the efficient and experienced personnel in the company

And after-sales service and excellence provided by the company to all its customers